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ASC’19 – General Event Information

The 2019 USA All Star Championships will be held March 16 & 17th, 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

There is no pre-qualification to attend the event and all teams compete in Prelims (Saturday) and Finals (Sunday) with the exception of Cheer Prep, Cheer Novice, CheerABILITY and DanceABILITY teams who will only compete on Saturday of the event.

On Friday, March 15th the official warm-up facility will be open (by reservation only) for teams to warm-up and run their routines. Reservations for Friday night practice rounds will open on ______(TBA).

Teams are not considered registered till their balances are paid in full. And all teams competing for bids to end of season events must meet the USA bid eligibility requirements and be registered (paid in full) by the February registration deadline.

February registration & bid eligibility deadline – February 15, 2019

The USA is working with Connections Housing to provide accommodations for our 2019 Championships!

For a block of 10 rooms or more please contact Lorra at 702- 216-5864 or email Lorra@connectionshousing.com

Individuals traveling less than 60 miles to the event are not required to book accommodations for the event.

Additional Housing Resources:

To be eligible for bids to The Summit (Cheer/Dance), The D2 Summit (Cheer) and the USASF Cheerleading & Dance Worlds Championships at the 2019 USA All Star Championships teams must meet one of the two bid eligibility requirements:

Programs must compete 50% of their program at one or more USA All Star one-day event during the 2018-2019 season

– OR- 

Programs must compete 50% of their program at the USA All Star Championships and register before the February registration deadline 

If you have any questions about our bid eligibility requirements or want to verify your eligibility, please contact Matthew Goto (mgoto@varsity.com).

For the latest bid information visit Varsity.com or contact mgoto@varsity.com

Please e-mail any questions you may have about this event to Matthew Goto (MGoto@Varsity.com) or contact your Varsity All Star Advisor!

Information subject to change as the event date approaches. Information accurate as of 8.25.18

Disneyland® Resort Ticket Order Form

  • Enjoy highlights from our Level 5 & 6 Cheerleading Worlds Divisions!
  • 2018 All Level (Cheer & Dance) Highlight video COMING SOON!

2019 USA All Championships – CHEER PRELIMINARY Schedule (Coming Soon)
2019 USA All Championships – DANCE PRELIMINARY Schedule (Coming Soon)
2019 USA All Star Championships AWARD SCHEDULE (Coming Soon)

Schedule of Events / Event Specifics

  • Team Registration
    • 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM — Anaheim Convention Center – Location TBA
    • Discounted Disneyland Resort® and Disney California Adventure® Ticket Sales
    • Discounted ticket prices can be found online: Download Order Form
  • General Admission
    • 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM — Anaheim Convention Center – Location TBA
  • Guided tour of the venue for Registered Coaches and Gym/Studio Owners!
    • 5:00 PM, 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM — Anaheim Convention Center – Location TBA
  • Open Practice (by reservation only)
    • 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM — Anaheim Convention Center – Location TBA

Subject to change.

  • Cheerleading – Prelims: East and West Performance Stages – Hall TBA
    • 8:00 AM – 9:45 PM – Anaheim Convention Center
    • All Cheer and Cheer Prep Divisions
    • Box Office will open at 6:30AM for General Admission Sales
  • Dance – Prelims – Hall TBA
    • Times TBA – Anaheim Convention Center
    • All Dance Divisions

Subject to change.

  • Cheerleading – Finals: East and West Performance Stages 
    • 8:00 AM – 9:30 PM – Anaheim Convention Center – Hall TBA
    • All Cheer Divisions
    • Box Office will open at 6:30AM for General Admission Sales
  • Dance – Finals
    • 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Anaheim Convention Center- Hall TBA
    • All Dance Divisions
  • Award Ceremonies by Division
    • TBA
  • Saturday, March 16th Anaheim Convention Center 
    • Three divisions will alternate performance times.
    • Please note that Cheerleading Prep divisions, Cheerleading Novice divisions, Exhibitions and CheerAbilitity/Danceability teams perform on Saturday only.
  • Sunday, March 17th Anaheim Convention Center
    • Three divisions will alternate performance times.
    • The order for “Finals” performance will be the same as that of “Prelims” for cheerleading and dance divisions. This will help us alleviate challenges with crossover athletes in various routines.
  • Read the performance schedule from top to bottom for performance times and from top to bottom to see who is in the division. When one team is on the floor, the next two teams must be ready to perform.
    • Starting times are approximate.
    • If there are cancellations, then a pause in the competition schedule will take place.
    • Be ready to perform up to 20 minutes prior to your scheduled performance time.
    • A three-point penalty will be assessed for any “delay of contest.” A three-point penalty will be assessed to any team performing out of scheduled order unless waived by competition officials. If you perform in the incorrect division, you will be disqualified.
    • The order for “Finals” performance will be the same as that of “Prelims”.
  • Saturday: $25 Adult / $10 Children (5-11)
  • Sunday: $25 Adult / $10 Children (5-11)
  • 2-Day Combined (Admission to Saturday and Sunday Competitions): $50 Adult / $20 Children (5-11)
  • Children under 5 will be admitted free of charge
  • Cash only is accepted for general admission tickets

The United Spirit Association is a proud supporter of the USASF.

Here are some friendly reminders to keep in mind at all USA & USASF events:


All U.S teams attending this event (and all USASF sanctioned events) are required to upload team rosters into their USASF member profiles online. Your team rosters must be accurate, linked to the specific event you are competing at and need to accompany your event compliance form. And every athlete, coach and gym/studio staff member must be a registered member of the USASF. Only professional members of the USASF and rostered athletes competing at the event will be allowed in any backstage area (including official warm-ups, open warm-ups, coaches rooms and all backstage areas). Your gym owner or registration contact for the event should have mastered this rostering and compliance process when it was rolled out in the 2017-2018 season – if you need any assistance or have any questions please contact your USASF Regional Director.

Cover Up went into effect with the 2012–‐2013 season.
Athletes with non–‐full top uniforms must wear a t–‐shirt or other suitable cover up over their uniforms unless they are
in the warm–‐up area, traveling as a group directly to or from the warm up area, or on the performance stage.

APPROPRIATE CHOREOGRAPHY went into effect with the 2012–‐2013 season.
All facets of a performance/routine, including both choreography and music selection, should be appropriate and suitable
for family viewing and listening.
Examples of inappropriate choreography may include, but are not limited to, movements such as hip thrusting and
inappropriate touching, gestures, hand/arm movements and signals, slapping, positioning of body parts and positioning to
one another. Music or words unsuitable for family listening, which includes, but is not limited, to swearwords and
connotations of any type of sexual act or behavior, drugs, explicit mention of specific parts of the body torso, and/or
violent acts or behavior are other examples of inappropriate choreography. Removing improper language or words from a
song and replacing with sound effects or other words may still constitute ‘inappropriate.’
Music or movement in which the appropriateness is questionable or with which uncertainty exists should be assumed by
the coach to be inappropriate and removed as to not put their team in an unfortunate situation.

Performance Areas & Judging/Scoring

  • Saturday – Sunday Anaheim Convention Center
    • All cheer divisions will compete on a raised stage
    • The stage will be covered by a spring floor (measuring 42’ x 54’).
    • A penalty will be assessed for stepping outside of the bordered boundary.
  • Anaheim Convention Center
    • All dance divisions competing will perform on a parquet dance floor measuring 42’ (wide) x 42’ (depth), covered by Marley, measuring 42′ (wide) x 42′ (deep).
    • This will be covered by Marley.
  • Music guidelines are being followed at all USA and Varsity Brands events. Competition music must be properly licensed and a team must provide proof of licensing at team registration. If a team cannot provide proof of licensing immediately upon request, the team may be disqualified from the event. For further details visit www.varsity.com/music

Prelims scores will carry over to “finals,” with 25% of the score from “prelims” and 75% of the score from “finals” being added together to obtain the final placement in a division. For “prelims” and “finals” divisions, the panel judges’ scores will be averaged and any deductions/penalties will be subtracted from that score.

All teams in all divisions will compete in both “prelims” and “finals” with the exception of prep cheer divisions. A team must complete both performances in order to be eligible for final awards (excluding Prep Cheer divisions).

Prep Cheer divisions only perform on Saturday. Special athlete performances will exhibit on Saturday unless stated otherwise.

The Varsity All Star Score Sheets and Scoring System for cheerleading and dance divisions will be used at this event, as it has been at all USA All Star events for the 2018-2019 season.

More information coming soon…

More information coming soon…

The USA has adopted the ‘FYI Form.” If you feel there is something that needs to be brought to the attention of an Event Director, judge or scoring official that is not covered on the Routine Review, we ask that you fill out an FYI form for us to review throughout the competition.

These forms are available at AccuScore. Forms are taken and reviewed by event/scoring officials but not all forms receive follow-up.

Awards & Results

Saturday, March 16th –

  • Cheer Prep & Cheer Novice Awards will follow the end of the Prep & Novice divisions, time & location TBA
  • CheerABILITY & Dance ABILITY teams will receive recognition immediately following their performances*

Sunday, March 17th —

  • Final competition will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center.
  • Awards will be presented throughout the day in each of the respective halls.
  • Awards schedule TBA

Final results will be posted online approximately 45 minutes following each award ceremony.

Results can be found at our USA All Star Championships Event Hub.

Thank you for choosing the United Spirit Association!

Coaches & Gym/Program Owners, If you have any questions about the 2019 USA All Star Championships,

please feel free to contact me directly! Matthew Goto (mgoto@varsity.com)