USA Instructional Staff

Before you get started with the application process, remember what kind of position you are applying for.  Being a member of the USA Staff is not just an honor, it’s a real job.   For some, it may be your first job.  It is a teaching position, with less emphasis on performing than you may have realized at camp.  A good deal of hard work and commitment are required.  But it’s also a great summer job that will give you an opportunity to make friends and create memories that you will never forget.

Each year we accept applications and hold selective auditions for our cheerleading, songleading, mascot, pep flag, dance/drill, and drum major programs. The USA Instructional Staff teaches over 20,000 students each year at camps in California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Arizona. In addition, the USA produces dozens of one day spirit, dance, and band competitions, clinics, and rallies. Each year we host special tour events and performance opportunities in California, Florida and Rome.

Submitting an Application for USA Staff

The tryout process begins with submitting an on-line application. In addition to those asked to apply while at camp, others interested can also submit an application here. We will review and consider each application for a possible invitation to attend regional auditions, which will be held in December/January 2019 (for Dance & Band Programs) and February/March 2019 (for Cheer, Song, Mascot & Pep Flag Programs). DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR SPIRIT STAFF HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 8, 2019.


DANCE (JANUARY 11, 2019 BY 12:00 PM) – NOTE: the application deadline has passed.  Please email Melanie Krieger ( with any questions.

DRUM MAJOR (JANUARY 11, 2019 BY 12:00 PM) – NOTE: the application deadline has passed.  Please email Acey Blanco ( with any questions.



For Dance/Drum Majors, please have applications turned in by 12:00pm on January 11th. We want you to have all the necessary audition information for the weekend of January 12th as soon as possible. Please email the Program Manager directly if you are unable to meet the application deadline.

General Requirements

All applicants must be 18 years old (by June 1, 2019) or over and must have graduated from high school by Summer 2019 in order to apply. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to audition/ interview in your area where you will be judged on everything from your skills and athleticism to your personality and character.

Thank you for your interest in the USA staff and we hope to receive your application in the near future! If you have any further questions regarding the USA Instructional staff or the application process, contact Lizbeth Rohrmoser at 800.886.4872 x2022 or by email at

Fill out my online form.

Preparing for Tryouts

So what should you do while you are waiting to find out about tryouts?  Keep cheering, dancing or doing whatever skills your activity requires!  Give it your all!  Practice teaching by helping new team members, and continue to sharpen your own skills at every practice, game, and competition.  Identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses.  Focus on becoming more versatile as a performer.  If you’ve always been a top in stunts, give basing a try, and if your feet don’t usually leave the ground, get in the air!  The same goes for all the programs that USA offers.  The more versatile and all-around you are the better chances you have of making it onto the USA Staff.

The Tryout

Most of the tryouts will take place in late winter/early spring.  The number of instructors that will be chosen depends on the number of staff we have returning and the number of camp enrollments we foresee for the upcoming summer, both with respect to the region/area in which you preside.  Hundreds of “Apps” are given out at camp each summer but only about 30-45 new instructors will be hired for the cheerleading program and 5-10 for each of our other programs.

Applicants are evaluated in these general areas:

CHEER   – Taught a cheer & dance at the tryout, Asked to bring an original game-action cheer to teach, Jumps, Tumbling (standing and running), Stunts (all girl and coed), Interview

SONG/POM – Taught a cheer and short dance combination at the tryout, Asked to bring an original routine to teach, Turns, Kicks, Leaps, Interview

DANCEAsked to bring 3 original choreography combinations across 3 different styles. Dance Staff Auditions will be January 12th (Nor Cal) and January 13th (So Cal). Turn in your application early and get all the details to help you best prepare for auditions.

DRUM  MAJOR -Demonstrate Drum Major Skills, Conducting/Spinning Skills, Interview

The in-person tryout process varies from region to region.  The judges (Program Directors/Managers & veteran staff) will interact with applicants in a workshop setting.  They will be looking at the technique with which you perform the material  and/or skills required for the program that you are auditioning for (jumps, stunts, and tumbling for cheer) (turns, kicks, leaps for Song/Pom and Dance) (spinning, conducting and leadership skills for Drum Major).

Perform your skills as if you are already on staff.  Project the qualities that embody a USA instructor: confidence, capability, poise & energy.  You’ve been selected to try out because you’ve got the skills, now focus on how you execute them!

The Interview

What are the judges looking for during the interview?  Well, that’s hard to nail down.  The judges are looking for a certain special unnameable quality, so the best advice is to just be yourself.  Here are some more interview tips:

  • Portray the real you.  Don’t fake it!
  • Dress appropriately.  If you’ve been practicing all day, make sure to change into a clean shirt for the interview.  Make sure your hair is brushed, out of your face, and females should avoid excessive makeup.  Males should avoid wearing a hat, and make sure you are cleanly shaven.
  • Know yourself.  You should have a pretty good understanding of your major goals, interests, abilities, and your best attributes before the interview!
  • Be courteous when introduced to the judges and thank them for their time at the end of the interview.
  • Be confident and self-assured, but don’t be overconfident!
  • When answering questions, be brief and to the point.  Accentuate your strengths.

The Letter

If you have been selected and offered a USA  summer camp instructor position, you will receive a letter within a month after your tryout. You will then have approximately one month to notify the USA office of your intent to work next summer.

Good luck and remember that individuals are chosen based on their ability to continue a legacy of greatness.  The USA is successful because of its teaching staff. Being chosen means that you have the potential to fulfill a tradition of excellence!

Unfortunately, not everyone gets noticed. So just because you may not have gotten an invite for the USA application process at camp, that does not mean that you cannot submit an application.  If you are 18 or over, a senior in high school or have graduated from high school, please connect with the appropriate contact below for your program and region.

Jesa Herman
Jesa HermanUSA State Director
Jesa has been involved in the industry for almost 30 years, developing our curriculum and managing the USA Cheer Staff. She has coached and choreographed for numerous national championship high school and all star teams, as well as judged all over the world. She produces and directs NFL, NBA and collegiate halftime and pre-game performances throughout the year and is a leader in sports entertainment.
Conner Huber
Conner HuberUSA State Director
Conner has been an industry leader on the school based and all star fronts, traveling the country as a V!Roc choreographer and serving as an integral part of the USA camp program curriculum staffing and development. Bringing his innovative and upbeat choreography to many national championship teams, Conner is bringing his talent and passion back to USA.
Crystal Harward
Crystal HarwardUSA State Director
Crystal is an experienced competitive cheerleader and dancer and worked with thousands of high school students and coaches as a USA Cheer Instructor and Head Instructor. Crystal travels across the country lending her expertise to judging competitions and is currently managing the USA cheer program in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.
Melanie KriegerUSA Dance Program Director
Melanie has been involved in the industry for over 30 years, teaching, coaching and developing curriculum for dance programs across several west coast states. She was captain of her nationally ranked high school dance team, co-captain of the UCSB Dance Team and is a former USA Dance Staff instructor and Head Instructor. She has coached and choreographed for several award-winning dance teams and is currently the USA Dance Program Director. She continues to share her knowledge and passion for dance throughout the U.S. as a judge and event director.

Acey Blanco
Acey BlancoUSA Program Director

Acey’s Bio is coming soon!

We Are Global And Have Helped Spread Spirit Worldwide.

USA’s crowd and entertainment focus, with an emphasis on the game day experience, led to the first American football halftime shows in Japan, England, Germany, Spain, Australia and Mexico, exposing many youth from these countries to American style cheerleading and dance. USA also developed pro dance choreography for 9 different NFL and NBA teams and the NFL Pro Bowl cheerleaders, as well as the Olympics, World Cup and the NFL Super Bowl!