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Dance Team Camp

A Perfect Combination of Technique, Choreography and Team Building

At USA dance training camps, teams receive visual and creative choreography, technical training and a whole lot more!

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Dance Plus Schedule (Knotts 7/30-8/2)
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  • Choreography-To-Go: Your team will leave camp with a personalized team routine ready to perform

  • Opportunity to study multiple styles of dance, i.e., Jazz, Stylized Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Character, Contemporary, Dance/Pom
  • Technical training from fundamental through advanced level jazz & ballet technique
  • Choreography is created by each of our highly trained instructors at EACH camp, catering to EACH team
  • Comprehensive conditioning, strengthening & flexibility training
  • A focus on team building, leadership and development of the individual student are the basis of the Dance Team camp program
  • Drill down class encourages discipline, coordination and listening skills in your dancers
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Teams receive visual and creative choreography, technical training while fostering teamwork, goal setting and leadership skills.

A strong fit for any dance program focusing on team development.

USA brings individuals together as teams working toward common goals. Our curriculum and culture are designed to go that extra mile, fostering teamwork, goal setting, leadership and communication techniques – skills students will benefit from during the school and dance year, and throughout their lives.

Why settle for less when you can have the best?

USA Instructors care about your dancers! Each staff member is dedicated to helping your students be the best they can be. United by this common sense of purpose, discipline and pride, the USA staff leads by example. When you’re working with the USA staff, you’re working with the best!