Learn the R.O.P.E.S.

Each instructor is here for you every step of the way! Together, we identify your daily objectives and a plan to accomplish and achieve new goals throughout the week in order to deliver the best and most productive camp experience for your teams.

In addition, at each USA overnight camp, your Head Instructor works as your Staff Teammate, conducting daily workshops that focus on safety training and important topics that impact today’s advisors and coaches.

  • Work closely with USA Instructors to implement strategies to improve and develop your teams

  • Get “hands-on” experience in technique & building safety

  • Discuss topics affecting your role and get information on things that are important to you

  • Get year-round support through regional State Directors, your go-to source all year long

  • Learn to troubleshoot issues so you are confident heading into the new year

As a USA summer camp attendee, you have VIP access to a sneak peek at the camp dance prior to attending camp, a complete coaches manual that will serve as your go to guide for all things spirit, year-round resources, bonus material during the season and other special perks throughout the year!

What Now?

  • CHOOSE THE PERFECT CAMP. Peruse our camp type pages or call your State Director to find out which camp is the best fit for your teams’ needs.

  • RESERVE YOUR CAMP. Either call your State Director or enter your reservation right here online!

  • GET DISTRICT APPROVAL. This takes time if your district requires it. Get district approval early so you have one less thing to worry about.

  • CONFIRM NUMBERS. After tryouts, make sure to contact the USA Office to update your numbers so you don’t end up paying for more than you need.

  • PAY DEPOSIT. Check your invoice for deposit due date in order to keep your spot.

  • PAY YOUR BALANCE. Check your invoice for balance due date.

  • GET READY FOR CAMP. Camp is around the corner! Be sure to “manage your reservation” by downloading and reading your camp paperwork to make sure you are set!

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Why USA? Safety, Technique, Fun & Peace of Mind

The United Spirit Association provides advisors, coaches and students with a game plan to help keep your program safe, united and prepared to fulfill your spirit squad responsibilities. From building technical skills and team bonds, to teaching dynamic material and developing leaders both on and off the sideline, court or mat, the USA is committed to providing the highest quality of technical training in a safe and fun environment. At the end of camp, you will leave ready to RAISE IT UP in 2018-2019!

RAISE IT UP – Staff Dedicated to Bringing Out the Best in Your Teams

Selected for their technical skills and ability to effectively communicate with students of all ages, the USA prides itself on a staff that is professional and loves to teach. Each instructor is dedicated to supporting and helping your students be the very best they can be in a safe, positive and productive environment. United by this common sense of purpose, discipline and pride, the USA Staff is focused on taking your teams to the next level.

Each staff member receives extensive training and safety protocols that include:

  • Background checks
  • Fingerprinting
  • Child abuse detection
  • Maltreatment training
  • Suspected concussion training
  • AACCA certification (cheer)

Learn the roles of a SPIRITLEADER:

  1. Athlete
  2. Ambassador
  3. Crowd Leader
  4. Entertainer
  5. Spirit Raiser

Did You Know?

USA’s crowd and entertainment focus, with an emphasis on the game day experience, led to the first American football half-time shows in Japan, England, Germany, Spain, Australia and Mexico, exposing many youth from these countries to American style cheerleading. USA has developed pro dance choreography for 9 different NFL and NBA teams and the NFL Pro Bowl cheerleaders, as well as the Olympics, World Cup and the NFL Super Bowl!

Take home ready to perform routines and the best material that your crowd will love!

Leave STRONG AS ONE and prepared for game days and school performances with the USA!


We go far beyond cheers and stunts to develop confidence, drive, respect and leadership.

Every phase of the USA leadership training program emphasizes the importance of cooperation, sportsmanship, student body involvement and squad unity. Work with USA Staff on developing leadership styles, group creativity, decision making, communication, delegation, organization, goal setting and problem solving. These topics are presented through small groups and then reinforced on the field through various spirit activities. This totally integrated approach allows students to learn and practice general leadership principles and grow STRONG AS ONE – both on and off the field!

Partner with us in creating tomorrow’s leaders today!

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Team.

Jesa Herman
Jesa HermanUSA State Director
Jesa has been involved in the industry for almost 30 years, developing our curriculum and managing the USA Cheer Staff. She has coached and choreographed for numerous national championship high school and all star teams, as well as judged all over the world. She produces and directs NFL, NBA and collegiate halftime and pre-game performances throughout the year and is a leader in sports entertainment.
Conner Huber
Conner HuberUSA State Director
Conner has been an industry leader on the school based and all star fronts, traveling the country as a V!Roc choreographer and serving as an integral part of the USA camp program curriculum staffing and development. Bringing his innovative and upbeat choreography to many national championship teams, Conner is bringing his talent and passion back to USA.
Crystal Harward
Crystal HarwardUSA State Director
Crystal is an experienced competitive cheerleader and dancer and worked with thousands of high school students and coaches as a USA Cheer Instructor and Head Instructor. Crystal travels across the country lending her expertise to judging competitions and is currently managing the USA cheer program in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.
Nicole Cestone
Nicole CestoneUSA State Director
Nicole is an award winning coach, choreographer and dancer based out of Southern California. She was on the dance team at UCLA and is a former USA instructor, Head Instructor and Program Director of the USA’s Song/Pom program. With many national championships under her belt, Nicole shares her knowledge by judging collegiate dance auditions, as well as competitions around the world.
Brooke Hoepfner
Brooke HoepfnerUSA State Director
Brooke has more than 26 years of dance training and continues to be active in the field with teaching, choreographing, and judging all around the world. She is a two-time National Hip Hop Champion Alum from Lindenwood University and currently works with state/nationally ranked high school and college teams across the US.