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2017-2018 USA Spirit Competition Info, Guidelines & Scoresheets

Welcome to USA! With exciting new updates, please see below for information regarding divisions, division limitations, new scoresheets and more. As always, if you need assistance, your State Director is your go to source for all things spirit. From performance opportunities such as competitions or NBA or collegiate on field shows and clinics to technical skill training and everything in between, don’t hesitate to contact your USA State Director!

In addition to all rules covered in the “2017-18 AACCA School Cheerleading Safety Rules” the following restrictions also apply to teams entering a Show Cheer – Non-Tumbling, Show Cheer – Novice, Show Cheer – Intermediate and/or a Group Stunt – Intermediate division. There have been changes from the 2016-17 rules — please read all restrictions carefully. Wishing you all the best and see you soon!

Want more in depth explanation of the new scoresheets? Click the link below to watch the 30 minute WebEx webinar presented by Jodi Sweet. The link will lead you through downloading the WebEx application so you can view the webinar. It may take a moment to launch, but the info is worth the wait!

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Spirit Gen. Info (Must Read)
Spirit Divisions
Participant Liability Release and Waiver Form
Group Stunt Scoresheet
Crowdleader® Scoresheet
Show Cheer Scoresheets (revised 9-25)
Show Cheer Scoring Ranges (revised 9-29)
Show Cheer & Group Stunt Division Limitations (revised 9-25)
Song/Pom Scoresheet (revised 9-1)
Song – Jazz Scoresheet (revised 9-1)
Pep Flag Scoresheet
Song/Pom & Pep Flag Division Limitations
Song/Pom/Jazz & Pep Flag Safety Rules (revised 11-16)
Song/Pom/Jazz & Pep Flag Glossary of Terms (revised 11-16)

Game Time Divisions! Go from the Sideline to the Spotlight!

Love cheering and/or dancing on the sideline at games? Take what you have already prepared for games and step into your spotlight! Learn more about our fun and exciting Game Time divisions. Compete this on its own or add these upbeat divisions in addition to your main competition routine to keep your athletes fired up and engaged. CLICK HERE for more information!

Questions on Tumbling, Stunt and Safety Rules?

Routines at all USA competitions must follow the 2017-18 AACCA School Cheer Safety Rules, 2017-18 USA High School Teams Show Cheer and Group Stunt Division Limitations, 2017-18 USA Song/Pom/Pep Flag Safety Rules and/or  the 2017-18 USA Song/Pom Division Limitations.

Submitting a video is the only way to review a routine for potential safety violations. 

For all legality, division limitations, or questions regarding specific performance elements, you may email a video that contains the skill in question.

All emailed videos must include the following:

  1. Name of the School and Division Level in the Subject Line of the email
  2. Videos should be in either Windows Media Player or Quicktime formats
  3. Clear, close up view of skill in question
  4. Do not send the entire routine, only the SKILL(S) in question
  5. Include your name, team name, division level, and phone number in the body of the email

Cheerleading videos can be emailed to Cmoon@varsity.com.

Song/Pom and Pep Flag videos can be emailed to Colis@varsity.com.

Note that submission of a routine and/or its elements does not preclude a team from being assessed a penalty while at a specific USA competition, as performances from the video submission may differ from those executed on the competition floor. Submission of a routine does not guarantee that it can be reviewed.

All rules and division limitations may be downloaded above.

For specific cheerleading stunt and safety questions that pertain to the AACCA School Cheerleading Safety Rules, or to the 2017-18 High School Teams Show Cheer and Group Stunt Division Limitations please call 1-800-686-5718.

For specific song/pom or pep flag/short flag safety questions that only pertain to the USA Song/Pom/Pep Flag Safety Rules, or to the 2017-18 Song/Pom Division Limitations please call 1-800-886-4872 ext. 2023.


Note music guidelines are being followed at all USA and Varsity Brands events.  Competition music must be properly licensed and a team must be able to provide a printed copy of proof of licensing during registration at the event they are attending.  This proof will be reviewed at registration. For further details visit www.varsity.com/music.