Junior High / Youth Camp

Build skills and make memories with the USA! Whether your team is full of newer members or experienced spiritleaders, our staff will work with you to establish and meet goals, bringing out the very best in your students. Experience the USA while receiving unique curriculum designed exclusively for this age group.

  • Learn safe and progressive building technique
  • Benefit from appropriate game day training
  • Extra adult supervision is a plus
  • Lower student to staff ratio
  • Some are commuter based, while others offer an overnight experience
Jr. High / Youth Schedule

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The USA Cheer program continues to be recognized for its innovative choreography. The USA program development team is made up of nationally renowned choreographers and technically trained/certified staff. Together they have developed the most CREATIVE and COMPREHENSIVE set of choreography and skills designed to fuel your squads’ success and technical/material needs to last throughout the year!
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Learn the R.O.P.E.S.

Together with your Staff Teammate, we identify your daily objectives and a plan to accomplish and conquer new goals each day.

NEW this year, webinars will be used to cover topics essential to advisors and coaches. The in person camp workshops will dive deeper and solidify the messaging. Coaches will also get hands-on instruction, tips, grips and will learn how to troubleshoot stunts.

Coaches, be sure to check your camp paperwork for what to bring and how to prepare for this exciting experience.

GameTime 101 and Game-Action Cheers©

Designed to teach squads everything you need to know about game days and ways to increase crowd participation while building rapport with your crowd, GameTime 101 is an essential class for successfully fulfilling your important roles of athlete, ambassador, crowd leader, spirit raiser and entertainer! Game Day best practices are also incorporated into various classes and workshops throughout camp via staff demonstrations, fun games and contests.

In Cheer Workshops, teams learn short, upbeat, crowd oriented Game-Action Cheers© perfect for getting your fans fired up between plays. These are designed to coordinate across all programs and are taught in small groups.

Stunt Workshops & Safety Awareness

With an emphasis on practicing good technique and safety, groups will work at their own level, following a logical progression working up from basic to more advanced skills. Incorporating curriculum up to date with NFHS and AACCA rule changes and guidelines, USA staff will work with your squad on building strong technique and creative pyramids your crowd will love!

Specialty Workshops*

Divide now and share later! Students love the variety of classes offered and have fun focusing on their own specialty or trying something new during Specialty Workshops! In addition to giving students more leadership responsibilities by having students then teach others the material learned, sending a few students to each class offered will multiply the amount of material your team receives. Examples of specialty classes include:

With quick, intricate moves, transitions and footwork, this hip hop dance is so fun to learn and perform! Although it is taught to a certain song, it is choreographed with a rhythmic style and flow easily adaptable to band songs or other popular music an announcer may play at a game!
Crowds will love this visual choreography set to music that repeats. Usually more straight arm or pom oriented with a cheer style to it, this routine is fun, clean and looks great on the sideline. Although it is set to pre-cut music, it is easily adapted to many other songs.
Approximately eight 8 counts of cheer-choreography set to music, this combination of straight arm motions, roll-offs, pick-ups, levels, etc. is super visual and perfect to use on its own or pieced with other routines for a halftime or rally performance. Set to pre-cut music with sound effects and exciting edits, this one is a true crowd pleaser!
These versatile routines are approximately three to four 8 counts of creative cheer-type moves that can be set to any style of music. They can be combined with stunts and tumbling for an exciting performance ready routine!
Have fun learning and performing this cheer/dance choreography set to short, traditional pieces of music that most bands play. You’ll be ready for rallies, pre-game tailgate performances and the sideline!
You and your crowd will love this high energy choreography set to short, traditional pieces of music that can be easily played by the band or to recorded music. Crowd Getters include ideal ways to incorporate sideline props such as signs, megaphones and flags into the routine. This class will also discuss proper ways to hold and use signs, flags, etc., so you are ready to lead your crowd!
Approximately three to four 8 counts of cheer/dance moves are set to a traditional fight song perfect for rallies and games. Specialties can easily be incorporated to enhance the performance once you get home!

Captain’s Workshop

At each overnight camp, your captains will work with our USA Head Instructor in daily workshops designed to identify leadership traits, introduce leadership styles and build stronger leaders. Through staff guided task/assignments, your captains will develop strong leadership characteristics that will continue to develop throughout the year. It would be beneficial to select your captains prior to camp. If not, please select 1-2 individuals to send to these brief workshops.

Staff Teammate Time/Evaluation Prep

Working in small groups with 2-3 other squads at camp, your USA Staff Teammate will work with you to establish and achieve daily goals to maximize your camp experience. Your Staff Teammate will also “coach” your team during Evaluation Prep, providing insight and valuable feedback as you prepare for evaluations.


USA evaluations are designed to give squads constructive feedback and positive reinforcement in a noncompetitive environment. We like to stress that squads are performing against an evaluation standard, not each other. In the end, the greatest reward is improvement. Based on their performance, each squad will receive a Superior (Blue), Excellent (Red) or Outstanding (Gold) certificates or ribbons for all evaluations. For each evaluation, squads will receive a written evaluation sheet or receive verbal comments based on their performance. These comments are geared to encourage improvement through positive and constructive feedback.

Unity, Leadership & Communication

Learn & put the keys to UNITY into practice in a fun, interactive and valuable workshop (and throughout camp) that will set the tone & foundation for a successful year.

Squads wrap up each day recapping their day, goals and plan of action with their Staff Teammate each night, reviewing accomplishments during camp and ideas to make the most of the upcoming year. Leave knowing you are STRONG AS ONE!

Material, messaging and workshops have the consistent message of team unity, leadership, effective communication & using individual strengths to enhance the team.

Credentialing & Spirit Spectacular

Teams will be NFHS credentialed in Safety, Leadership and in the 5 roles of a spirit leader: Athlete, Ambassador, Crowd Leader, Entertainer and Spirit Raiser. Staff Teammates will guide teams through the process throughout camp.

On the final day of camp, teams shine during this showcase for friends and family. Material is performed, final awards are distributed and teams are presented with their squad credentialing certificates.

To best prepare for game days, teams are encouraged to bring signs, poms, megaphones, banners and flags to incorporate into their Home Cheer, Time Out & Game-Action™ Cheers Evaluations. Generic signs that can be incorporated to fit any given situation (e.g., school colors, initials, mascot, Go-Fight-Win, etc…) will work best!
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Before each evaluation, squads will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with their USA Staff Teammate. Squads will receive coaching, input and suggestions to help them prepare for the evaluation performances that follow.

Each evaluation emphasizes a different aspect of spiritleading. Below are brief explanations:

All squads are encouraged to bring one school performance from home for evaluation by a USA instructor. Home cheers will be performed on the first night of camp. Cheers should not exceed 2:00 minutes in length. Music may be used, but squads choosing this option must provide their own sound system for the evaluation performance. Be sure to check out our music guidelines by visiting varsity.com/music.   In all cases, safety should be your number one priority. For specific regulations, please refer to the latest AACCA Cheerleading Safety Rules – available online at www.aacca.org

This evaluation gives your squads a chance to receive input on material they practiced before coming to camp. The emphasis in this evaluation is on technique, execution and showmanship. A squad may choose to perform solely for an evaluation sheet — a rating will not be designated for a squad that chooses this option. Please be sure to talk to your head instructor before the evaluation. Be sure to  review our music guidelines  on varsity.com/music.

This evaluation puts an emphasis on the seriousness of safety as our number one priority when stunting. Squads will be rewarded for their ability to demonstrate strong building skills with an emphasis on technical skill and safety.
Knowing how to lead and motivate your crowd should be a spirit squad’s main priority and this evaluation is designed to simulate the game environment. All of your different spirit groups (cheer, song/pom, mascot, and pep flag) are evaluated together according to level (i.e. Varsity, J.V., etc.). The united team must respond to a hypothetical game situation with an appropriate USA Game-Action™ cheer and will be evaluated on their overall crowd dynamic skills and ability to work with the band and other school groups.

Teammaker Workshop

Held on the last day, this class wraps-up the camp experience and gives the students an opportunity to reflect on everything that they learned and accomplished. Through peer led discussions, squads will be given specific ideas to help make the most of their camp experience beyond camp and ways to utilize these tools throughout the upcoming school year.