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Christian Camp

Christian Camps incorporate faith based teachings in addition to the skills and workshops included in our traditional day camps. Teams get motivated and build confidence in themselves and their team during this unique camp experience.

  • Similar but condensed version of the overnight curriculum
  • Benefit from working with USA staff and interacting with other schools
  • Enjoy appropriate music and family friendly routines
  • Call your State Director for more information!

Christian Camp Flyer

Email your State Director for more information!

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The USA Cheer program continues to be recognized for its innovative choreography. The USA program development team is made up of nationally renowned choreographers and technically trained/certified staff. Together they have developed the most CREATIVE and COMPREHENSIVE set of choreography and skills designed to fuel your squads’ success and technical/material needs to last throughout the year!

Teammaker Workshop

Held on the last day, this class wraps-up the camp experience and gives the students an opportunity to reflect on everything that they learned and accomplished. Through peer led discussions, squads will be given specific ideas to help make the most of their camp experience beyond camp and ways to utilize these tools throughout the upcoming school year.